Solidity Engineer

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Skills and Proficiencies

  • ✅ Smart Contract/Ethereum Engineering: Solidity, Web3, Hardhat, Foundry
  • ✅ Smart Contract Security: Slither, Echidna , Fuzzing Testing
  • ✅ Expert working with DEFI, DEXes, Lending Protocolss and Flashloans.
  • ✅ Experience integrating Web3 with Typescript applications and the Hardhat development environment.
  • ✅ Strong proficiency working with Ethereum infrastructure, automation and scripting.
  • ✅ Experience building, dockerizing and deploying microservices and APIs to interact with live smart contracts.


Substance Technology, 2023 Solidity engineer at Substance Technology, building a cutting edge decentralized derivatives exchange on Arbitrum, while integrating a CEX like user experience. https://linktr.ee/substancex

Matter Product Studio, 2022 - 2023 Blockchain engineer at Matter Product Studio. Assigned to assist Valhalla Labs as the lead smart contract engineer developing a Solana NFT trait swapping program. https://reshape.trippinapetribe.xyz/#/

Versus Systems, 2021 - 2022 As a blockchain engineer at Versus Systems, I utilized rust to build a Solana program for managing the creation and distribution of SPL rewards tokens for a Spotify listen-to-earn application. Additionally, I utilized elixir in a functional programming paradigm to integrate the Solana program into the user facing application.

Independent Contractor, 2017 - 2021 I worked as an independent contractor and consultant to various projects and startups in the cryptocurrency industry. Consulted on architecture and design. Implemented prototypes/MVP applications in the DEFI, NFT and tokenization .space as well as wallet (cryptocurrency management) software for a range of clients from VC funded startups to public companies.